TypeDB OSI (Open Source Initiative)

TypeDB OSI Vision and Mission

A structured platform for users...

TypeDB OSI Ecosystem and Incubator

TypeDB OSI Ecosystem comprises all resources and technologies to be used with TypeDB. You can browse all Ecosystem technologies via github.com/typedb-osi, or you can head to specific projects listed here.

TypeDB OSI Incubator aims to nurture TypeDB open source projects to a state of maturity. Providing the community with production-ready, high-standard of quality, independent tools to aid in, and accelerate their development.

Ecosystem Technologies

IDE Plug-ins Emacs JetBrains VSCode Atom
Client Drivers Julia Go Haskell
Language Libraries Python
Data Loaders TypeDB Loader
ML Libraries KGLIB
Domain Graphs BioGrakn

Ecosystem Resources

Learning and Events TypeDB Academy* Upcoming Events
Schema Gists Coming soon...
Datasets Coming soon...
Query Examples Coming soon...

*TypeDB Academy Series

TypeDB Academy sessions will be scheduled on a regular basis for the community. The sessions are:

Submit a new project idea to the TypeDB Incubator

Submissions for new project ideas can be made via _____. These ideas will be reviewed during the monthly TypeDB OSI meeting and selected based on the TypeDB OSI roadmap. There is no obligation to own/ maintain development of submitted ideas, however, ideas submitted with interested developer/maintainer, will be prioritised.

Submit a project idea

Submit an idea for an existing project

Submissions for feature requests, ideas for improvement, etc., for existing projects can be made directly via the projects github repo - submit a "feature request" issue with as much detail as possible, adhering to the template provided.

For further details see [TypeDB Incubator: Contribution Guidelines](#Contributor Guidelines)

How does the TypeDB OSI benefit maintainers and their projects?

For Projects For Maintainers
Standards for contribution Find contributors
Code reviewers (see: Mentors) Maintain code quality
Promotion and visibility Dedicated discord channel
Ensure continuity over project lifetime Github organisation maintenance

Submit your existing project into the incubator

TypeDB Development Roadmap

Coming soon...

Commercial Partners and Projects

Company Project / Technology Usage
Bayer TypeDB Loader Data Migration, Loading large datasets
Bayer TypeDB Loader Data Migration, Loading large datasets
Bayer TypeDB Loader Data Migration, Loading large datasets
Bayer TypeDB Loader Data Migration, Loading large datasets

Call for Contributors

A TypeDB OSI Contributor is someone who makes consistent improvements to TypeDB, TypeDB OSI Incubator or TypeDB OSI Ecosystem projects. All individuals who wish to contribute to TypeDB OSI projects and/or repos need to have a signed contributor agreement on file with TypeDB OSI.

Employement Forum

Hosted on the Discussion Forum, the TypeDB OSI Employement Forum exists to provide a forum to share full-time, part-time, and consulting work, related to TypeDB OSI Ecosystem and partner technologies, as well as Incubator projects.

Contributor Agreements

The TypeDB OSI uses various agreements to accept regular contributions from individuals and corporations, and to accept larger grants of existing software technologies.

These agreements help us achieve our goal of providing reliable and long-lived software technologies through collaborative open source software development. In all cases, contributors retain full rights to use their original contributions for any other purpose outside of TypeDB OSI while providing the TypeDB OSI and its projects the right to distribute and build upon their work within TypeDB OSI.

[Download Agreements](#Governance and Operations)

[Full Contributor Guidelines](#contributor guidelines)

Governance and Operations

The organisational structure of the TypeDB OSI Committee that will run, moderate, organise and lead the initiatives. Advisors and Leaders to be nominated and voted in by all members of the committee.

Governance and Operations Guidelines

Organisational Structure

Leaders and Advisors

Leaders are nominated and voted on by TypeDB OSI members. They provide the oversight and management of TypeDB Incubator, set standards for work, set development roadmap for TypeDB open-source project and community projects.

Adviors are veterans, experts in their domain and want to support the efforts of the TypeDB OSI through strategic and/or directional input.

Mentors and Contributors

Mentors are available for Ecosystem technologies and projects and can be assigned to a TypeDB Incubator project, code reviewers, sr. engineers. Also available for consult by TypeDB project owners and maintainers.

Contributors are anyone that is contributing to a TypeDB OSI Project

Partners and Members

Partners are anyone that would like to bridge the gap between TypeDB and external communities (MLH, Julia, etc.).

TypeDB OSI Members are anyone from the Vaticle Community that wants to be a part of shaping the future of open-source technologies around TypeDB – the starting place for all new members.

Communication Hub


Discussion Forum

Github Organisation